Google Images Search by Image

Google Images has a new feature called Search by Image that lets users search the web using an image. The feature was added a few days ago and is described on Google’s Inside Search site.

To test the feature I tried to recall a time when I was unable to find additional information about an image. This has happened a few times while browsing photography and image sites, where an image’s source is sometimes not cited. However, since I didn’t save links when this occurred, I tried to recall other images that I found on the web for which I was unable to find additional information. I remembered the following video on YouTube, which plays a slide show of images to The xxs song Intro.

The first time I saw this video, I was curious about the image at 1:20 into the video. I tried contacting the user who uploaded the video, but I was only able to find out that the image was from deviantArt and no longer accessible. I noticed in the comments that other YouTube users also sought information on the image. Although there is nothing very specific in the image that I could use in a search query, I remember trying to find the image using Google, and I probably used queries containing the keywords nails, eyes, face paint, and other keywords that ultimately did not lead me to the information I sought.