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Debugging in Vim

Vim 8.1 was released about a year ago, in May 2018. The “main new feature” was official support for running a terminal within vim. Along with this came a built-in debugger plugin, termdebug, which provides a visual interface for interacting … Continue reading

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🔐 LC4

About a year ago I wrote a Python library that implements ElsieFour (LC4) encryption (Alan Kaminsky 2017). LC4 is designed for human-to-human communication, without requiring a computer. I’ve recently updated the library to include color-coded verbose output that shows the … Continue reading

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⌨️🏌️🐍 vimgolf Client in Python

I implemented a vimgolf client in Python. The source code is available on GitHub: The user interface is similar to the official vimgolf client, with a few additions inspired by vimgolf-finder. The package is available on PyPI, the Python Package Index. … Continue reading

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More Bézier Walks in Neural Networks

The videos above were generated using the same script described in an earlier post.

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Random Bézier Walk in a Random Neural Network

The video above was generated using neuralart.

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Neural Art

neuralart is a Python library and utility for rendering generative art from a randomly initialized neural network. It’s based on the following blog posts and pages from studio otoro. Neural Network Generative Art in Javascript Generating Abstract Patterns with TensorFlow Neurogram … Continue reading

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echo and printenv in x86 Assembly

This post contains implementations of echo and printenv in 32-bit x86 assembly for Linux. echo is a Unix utility that prints its arguments to standard output. printenv is a Unix utility that prints the environment to standard output. The core … Continue reading

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k-means Image Color Quantization

I implemented a web page that can apply color quantization to images using k-means clustering. Here’s the link: The JavaScript source code is available on GitHub:

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Factorization Machines with Theano

A Factorization Machine (FM) is a predictive model that can be used for regression and classification (Rendle 2010). FMs efficiently incorporate pairwise interactions by using factorized parameters. PyFactorizationMachines is a Theano-based Python implementation of factorization machines. Update 4/20/2017: The library is now … Continue reading

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Conway’s Game of Life

Here’s a quick-and-dirty implementation of Conway’s Game of Life. Cells can be selected/deselected by clicking and dragging your mouse. The interface and display were designed for use with a desktop/laptop computer, not a touchscreen mobile device. That is, cells can’t … Continue reading

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