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Random Bézier Walk in a Random Neural Network

The video above was generated using neuralart.

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Neural Art

neuralart is a Python library and utility for rendering generative art from a randomly initialized neural network. It’s based on the following blog posts and pages from studio otoro. Neural Network Generative Art in Javascript Generating Abstract Patterns with TensorFlow Neurogram … Continue reading

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echo and printenv in x86 Assembly

This post contains implementations of echo and printenv in 32-bit x86 assembly for Linux. echo is a Unix utility that prints its arguments to standard output. printenv is a Unix utility that prints the environment to standard output. The core … Continue reading

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k-means Image Color Quantization

I implemented a web page that can apply color quantization to images using k-means clustering. Here’s the link: The JavaScript source code is available on GitHub:

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Factorization Machines with Theano

A Factorization Machine (FM) is a predictive model that can be used for regression and classification (Rendle 2010). FMs efficiently incorporate pairwise interactions by using factorized parameters. PyFactorizationMachines is a Theano-based Python implementation of factorization machines. Update 4/20/2017: The library is now … Continue reading

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Conway’s Game of Life

Here’s a quick-and-dirty implementation of Conway’s Game of Life. Cells can be selected/deselected by clicking and dragging your mouse. The interface and display were designed for use with a desktop/laptop computer, not a touchscreen mobile device. That is, cells can’t … Continue reading

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Matrix Factorization with Theano

Matrix factorization algorithms factorize a matrix D into two matrices P and Q, such that D ≈ PQ. By limiting the dimensionality of P and Q, PQ provides a low-rank approximation of D. While singular value decomposition (SVD) can also be … Continue reading

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Article Highlighter

Auto Highlight is a Chrome extension that automatically highlights the important content on article pages. Here’s a link to the extension: The source code is on GitHub: After installing the extension, a highlighter icon appears in the location … Continue reading

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Anchor Graph Hashing in Python

I was recently collaborating on a project that relied on hashing (where I’m referring to “hashing” the same way it’s used in locality sensitive hashing, as opposed to its more conventional usage). One of my contributions was an implementation of Anchor … Continue reading

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Color Coded Bash Prompt

This post explains what I’m referring to by color coded bash prompt, why it is useful to have one, and presents an implementation. By color coded bash prompt, I am referring to the use of colors to represent aspects of the … Continue reading

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