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Anchor Graph Hashing in Python

I was recently collaborating on a project that relied on hashing (where I’m referring to “hashing” the same way it’s used in locality sensitive hashing, as opposed to its more conventional usage). One of my contributions was an implementation of Anchor … Continue reading

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Color Coded Bash Prompt

This post explains what I’m referring to by color coded bash prompt, why it is useful to have one, and presents an implementation. By color coded bash prompt, I am referring to the use of colors to represent aspects of the … Continue reading

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recrun Chrome Extension

recrun is a Chrome extension I developed to provide a clean interface for reading articles on the web. recrun is an acronym that stands for retain essential content, remove unwanted noise. It uses the Diffbot Article API to extract relevant … Continue reading

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Bar Charts for Hacker News Polls

Update 10/14/2013: The tool is now available as an extension on the Chrome Web Store. I was recently viewing a poll on Hacker News and thought it would be useful to visualize the results of the poll, so I wrote a script … Continue reading

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Assorted Links

Sebastian Thrun on Charlie Rose, April 25, 2012 (click image to play video) 10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You – here’s an idea from the article: “Read obituaries. They are just like biographies, only shorter. They remind us that … Continue reading

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Changing Mac Key Bindings

This post explains the steps I took to make my Mac keyboard work more like a PC keyboard. The goal here is not necessarily for keys with the same names to be in the same position (e.g., the Ctrl key), … Continue reading

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Project Euler Common Lisp Helper Functions

Project Euler is a site that has math problems that can be solved with the assistance of a computer program (solving the problems without programming would take an unreasonable amount of time). The problems are fun and they are a … Continue reading

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OS X Finder Shortcuts

Update 9/29/2018: The scripts no longer work as-is on macOS 10.14 Mojave. If you’ve already installed them, you will receive the error, Not authorized to send Apple events to Finder. (-1743). A workaround is to open each app in Script Editor, copy … Continue reading

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Google Images Search by Image

Google Images has a new feature called Search by Image that lets users search the web using an image. The feature was added a few days ago and is described on Google’s Inside Search site. To test the feature I … Continue reading

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5/21/2011 Quote of the Day – Why Study Math?

I just came across the following video from The site aims to answer the question “When will I use math?” Today’s quote of the day is from David Bailey (at 4:52 in the video). It’s worth doing. It’s something that, I’ve … Continue reading

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