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▶️ gifcast

I implemented gifcast, a web page for converting asciinema casts to animated GIFs. Here’s the link:https://dstein64.github.io/gifcast/ The JavaScript source code is available on GitHub:https://github.com/dstein64/gifcast The example below was generated with gifcast. Here is the asciinema cast file used to generate … Continue reading

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echo and printenv in x86 Assembly

This post contains implementations of echo and printenv in 32-bit x86 assembly for Linux. echo is a Unix utility that prints its arguments to standard output. printenv is a Unix utility that prints the environment to standard output. The core … Continue reading

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Color Coded Bash Prompt

This post explains what I’m referring to by color coded bash prompt, why it is useful to have one, and presents an implementation. By color coded bash prompt, I am referring to the use of colors to represent aspects of the … Continue reading

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